The Techie Senior Citizens and Retirees PH Group is a community page on Facebook that users can join to stay updated on the latest events hosted by Kairos I.T. Services. Members of the group will also have access to news and trivia that are useful for senior citizens and/or retirees.

While the official Techie Seniors Facebook page serves to share more information about the organization and its events, the Facebook group was created especially for members. The group is where they can have more in-depth discussions about digital concerns.

Kairos I.T. Services is dedicated to providing its Techie Seniors with a safe environment to learn. It is important to follow these simple steps diligently to keep the community safe and informative. These steps filter out scammers, fake accounts, et cetera.

We have a quick video tutorial, and text/image instructions are also available.

Step 1:

  • Open your Facebook app or log-on to and search “Techie Seniors”
  • Click on the community page.

Join Techie Seniors and Retirees PH Facebook Group tutorial image 01


Step 2:

  • You will be taken to the Techie Senior Citizens and Retirees PH Group.
  • Click on “Join Group”

Join Techie Seniors and Retirees PH Facebook Group tutorial image 02


Step 3:

  • After clicking on “Join Group”, you will be asked to answer three simple questions.
  • Please do not leave the answer boxes empty.
  • The questions must be answered before your application is sent.
  • The first question asks if you are a senior citizen or a retiree.
  • The second question asks if you want to learn more about digital literacy. We hope that’s a simple “yes”!
  • For the third question, simply tell us why you want to join the group. Is it to learn more about the internet? Is it to start a new hobby? Is it to pick up new skills? Or just for fun? Let us know!

Join Techie Seniors and Retirees PH Facebook Group tutorial image 03


Step 4:

  • The final step is to read through the community’s rules and agree to them.
  • There are four key rules:
    • Be kind and courteous
    • No hate speech and bullying
    • No promotions or spam
    • Respect everyone’s privacy
  • There is a square box that you need to click on the top right corner to confirm that you are agreeing to abide by the rules.
  • Click on the bottom button that says “Submit”

Join Techie Seniors and Retirees PH Facebook Group tutorial image 04

To learn more about Techie Senior Citizens and Retirees Philippines as an organization, check out the official Facebook page at

Q: What’s the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group?

A: A Facebook Page is designed to the official profile for entities such as celebrities, businesses or organizations, allowing Facebook users to connect with those entities and receive updates from—and interact with—them.

A Facebook Group is an ‘online space’ where people can share common interests and help each other, or come together around a common cause and discuss objectives, issues, advocacy measures, etc.