Techie Seniors Thursdays Article Writing Contest 3rd Place

Orbit - Techie Seniors Article Writing Contest 3rd place entry
This article was submitted by Emily Agna to Techie Senior Citizens and Retirees PH for our Techie Seniors Thursdays Essay Writing Contest. Congratulations to Emily Agna for winning third prize! ???? A photo and short description of the author are at the end of this article.

First of all, I would like to give kudos to the administrators/organizers of this Techie Senior Citizens’ group. I applaud you, for your mission and vision to lay a foundation for senior citizens’ life beyond internet access. Congratulations to this brilliant support idea which gave hope for the use of the social media platform as a venue for airing our sentiments, capabilities and hidden talents which are still not explored.

“NOTHING is impossible. If the youth can, why can’t we, the senior citizens?”

Years ago, when this internet usage started, I was irritated and refused to learn this trend for I thought it was hard to grasp and to my mind, it is only for the millenials. I just came to know about this, this 2020, when in fact it has been on-going since 2018. Your advocacy to upgrade the status of the elderly, particularly the senior citizens, is very relevant. We feel that we are not outcasts anymore in this modern world of social media. If we can not be at par with the millenials, at least we could understand their language and platform now. Your topic — to empower the elderly with digital literacy is very important and helpful for we felt that we are no longer left behind. Also, it gives us excitement to learn the new trend. Communicating to your children and relatives, even if they are far, was made possible by the video chats. We can already reach out to them just by learning how to operate the gadget on our own. NOTHING is impossible. If the youth can, why can’t we, the senior citizens?

“The different topics are indeed relevant, informative and interesting.”

We can never be lacking in information because of the webinars that this organization has scheduled. What is good about it, is we can always go back to the previous sessions if we missed the scheduled time. The different topics are indeed relevant, informative and interesting. Some of them are about protecting us from email scams. It is a big help since we are all prone and possible victims of this, once we are into the excitement given by the internet. Also, learning about Google sites, and the usage of various applications. We also knew the cybercrimes that made us aware and careful. We became more well-informed about vlogging, online selling as well as other features that can be done using the internet and how these are made possible. To mention, the four-day challenge: a goal assignment for ourselves to test our capabilities and apply our learnings, that was provided by this organization was very helpful.

“Our eagerness and willingness makes us young at heart.”

I am amazed by how the founders came out and thought about this. I commend their creative minds for being able to open this avenue for us, senior citizens, to make us techie too like the millenials. Really, there is NOTHING impossible for anyone, including us, senior citizens, in this modern world. Who says now that we can not compete with our grandchildrens? We can prove to them that through practice and the right positive mental attitude, dementia could be avoided. We still have several things to learn about the internet but our eagerness and willingness makes us young at heart.

Life is an orbit, we explore new things in the wide modern world but as it rotates ALL of us should be able to keep up. Life is not a bore for techie senior citizens.

May God bless our journey in this modern world.

Emily Agna

Emily Agna

Emily used to teach English & Spanish, and has also worked for the government. She is currently enjoying life & exploring what still can be done as a senior citizen. God bless all of us seniors.