Digital Literacy Lessons for the Filipino Elderly

Internet Usage for the Elderly

  • Course level: Beginner



“Internet Usage for the Elderly” is a free online course offering from

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn useful Internet and information technology concepts
  • Discover the practical applications of information technology
  • Build a knowledge foundation that will be useful for those who wish to pursue hobbies or income-generating activities through the Internet

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Internet and World Wide Web basics?

Learn key Internet concepts and some of its history
What is the Internet?
Short History of the Internet
What is the World Wide Web?
Short History of the World Wide Web
Quiz: Internet basics

Benefits of the Internet and World Wide Web?

Now that you have learned basic information about the Internet and the World Wide Web, discover what the Internet and the Web can do for you.

Webinar: Internet Usage for Techie Seniors?

This part of the course will show the Internet Usage webinar conducted in 2020, as a supplement to the topics presented in this course.
Internet Usage for the Elderly

Target Audience

  • Senior citizens or retirees who wish to learn about the Internet and information technology;
  • Senior citizens or retirees who are thinking of exploring business/freelancing options on the Internet;
  • Senior citizens or retirees who want to pursue creative interests or find an outlet for their creative output online